Surrender - 3 hours experience

Surrender - 3 hours experience

from 25.00

[ Yoga is not a work OUT - instead its a work IN ]

You are invited to meet yourself right were you are.

The session is designed to help you release from within, the parts that feel resistant, the parts that ache, the parts that are lacking space.

During the session you will experience the power of your breath, and the depth of the YIN practice.

You will be guided to find stillness, to listen to your body and mind, it is a session for you to relax, release and be present.

When was the last time you did something for yourself?

My aim with this session is to help you create stillness and the way to build that on your own.

BYO: Please bring your own yoga mat.

Bring a blanket, blocks, bolsters, and all that things you may need to assist you.

I look forward exploring stillness with you all.


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