Recycling Emotional Junk to Build Resilience

Recycling Emotional Junk to Build Resilience

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If you want to understand some aspects of your brain and its mechanisms this is for you!

This talk is to provide you with SIMPLE, ACHIEVABLE tools to improve your mental health.

You don't need to be a yogi, you don't need to meditate, we will not meditate.

Do you handle stress? How do you handle it? Do you have positive ways to cope?

This talk will help you find the pathways that work for you, and YOUR MIND!

Come with an open mind, come knowing that YOUR MIND IS UNIQUE, know that however we all struggled with very similar things.

Come if you want to improve your wellbeing and join if you understand the important role that mental health has in your whole being. Join if you want to understand the importance.

Recent studies have shown that by understanding your mental health, by practicing awareness, individuals are able to reduce their cortisol levels.

If you overthink, if you cannot stop thoughts from coming then this is for you.

We think that overthink is bad, however it isn't! It is bad when you aren't in awareness, join the talk to learn how to be more proactive and effective with your mind.

This talk could benefit parents, teachers, teenagers, students, youth workers, social workers and in general humans with a brain! ANYONE!

Age : 12 yo and over

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About Kotte Aguilar:

Kotte Aguilar founded Yoga By Kotte in her youth. She saw a gap in the yoga industry that inspired her to make change.

Kotte has had great success in her work to decommercialize the yoga industry and her business has run as a social enterprise since 2014.

Kotte works with multiple organizations within Christchurch, nationally and globally. She was the first yoga teacher to win an award in the Exercise Industry Awards. Recently representing New Zealand and the Yoga industry in the Social Enterprise World Forum in Scotland 2018 and travelling to Canada for the Accessible Yoga Conference 2018.

Apart from teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness, Kotte is a public speaker, mentor and coach to many. She spoke at TedxYouth@AvonRiver in 2015. She has big dreams and will not let anything stop her, in providing accessibility and creativity.

Kotte is also the responsible for gathering over 150 people for the first Yoga Clean Up in New Zealand, a free event in which over 20kgs of rubbish were collected from our beaches.

Join her adventures on creativity, accessibility and sustainability by visiting or search Yoga By Kotte on social media for daily updates.

Kotte's classes will show you that any BODY can do yoga, they will make you laugh, remove the seriousness and show you how to have a good time while taking care of yourself.

Kotte career has been focused on Mental Health, she uses yoga, meditation, mindfulness and other tools to improve people's mental health.

Kotte's passion is educating the community about mental health, the neuroscience of stress, anxiety and thoughts. Sharing live-lasting tools that will help you improve and create new pathways to understand your mind, thoughts stress and more.

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