Mamastea - Mothers day special

Mamastea - Mothers day special


You can all agree by telling me that your mum is the best one in the world! Right? 

How often do you make time for her and you? To get out of the routine? 

This event is for you and your mum! 
You will be both guided to an hour of gentle yoga and a guided meditation, followed by some delicious tea for you and your mum, we will have some time to connect, and to practice to mindfulness exercises 

You will leave feeling more connected than ever, grateful and with a full cup! An empty tea cup but your other cup will feel full. 

The ticket price includes your mum and the tea for you both, if you have more siblings wanting to tag along, or even dad, review the categories to find the one suitable to your mum and family. 

I look forward connecting with you all. 


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