[BREATHE] Piano & Yoga - Full Moon Special

[BREATHE] Piano & Yoga - Full Moon Special

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Welcome to [BREATHE]

After our successful first FULL MOON session last month, we want to introduce you to our new edition.

Snow Moon - Yoga & Piano

In this session you will find the quiet needed in your mind and body.

This moon is about finding the tranquility in the whole self to be able to make decisions, and make use of your creative imagination.

You will explore the difference between WANT and NEED.

We aim to build your instinct and mind awareness.

The moon is liberating, and adventurous however we need peace and stillness in our body to absorb the best of the moon.

You are welcome to bring a notebook, as you can take the journey as deep as you wish.

Piano by our amazing guest Mark Chirnside

We look forward experiencing the magic of the piano, yoga and the February's full moon.


Early bird price is limited and spots for the event are also limited.

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