Blindfolded Yoga

Blindfolded Yoga

from 20.00

Discover and explore your senses and our earth.
One thing is to move and something else is to feel...

A few months ago you guys helped raised funds for an incredible opportunity in Canada, which spark my creativity and we attempt our first Blindfolded Yoga experience. 
The result was absolutely incredible, we left speechless and felt so aware and awake. 
This time around with the lovely weather coming up, we are exploring with nature. 
I invite you to see during this experience, to see with your heart, hands, breath, mind.

We are covering our eyes to explore our bodies from the inside out. 
Sensing and playing with the deep of our breath and movement. 
Create a unique experience for yourself, where nothing matters but you. It will be a safe environment for you to deepen into your body and awareness without worrying about looks or your neighbor on the mat next to you.

A gentle yin class, no experience is required for this event, it is open to anyone interested in discovering more about themselves through yoga.
Something to cover your eyes is required. 
BYO mat.

Even though this will be an outdoor event, spaces are limited, we want to keep the experience, private and intimate.

Questions inbox me or email me at
I look forward (not) seeing you all.


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