Unapologetically ME

Unapologetically ME

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[There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than being apologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the TRUE ESSENCE OF BEAUTY] .- Steve Maraboli

To all the beautiful women out there shaking this earth with their courage. 
To all the women disrupting the world, and empowering their own self. 

We are gathering for the first time, my first WOMEN'S only event.

During the night we will: 
Kick off with a Goddess flow, to empower the parts of you that may not feel powerful 
A women's meditation 
Women's health 

You will be introduce to rituals and ceremonies to empower you. 
The experience is for you to reconnect to yourself, to empower yourself and in some other cases to meet yourself. 

BYO mat 
Bring a journal if you want to go deep, which I think you should, make the most of the night. 

Event has limited spaces, intimacy its key to create a safe environment to all of us.

Email kotte@yogabykotte.com for any questions or inquiries. 

I look forward the night, OUR NIGHT!

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