Afro-Yoga Mash-Up

Afro-Yoga Mash-Up


First ever Mash-Up and it will be mad mad mad!!!!

We will start with a drumming meditation guided by the amazing Magaui and me.

We will start our movement with some gentle yin yoga.

To finish, we will get Magaui teaching us a dance lesson !!!

I am so so excited for this!

Magaui is an amazing artist, and I am beyond excited to help her butt get to Ghana so she can bring all the learning back to us!

All the money will be donated to cover her trip, if you want to know more and find ways to help please check her give a little page below with a little bio of hers.

Magaui is a music teacher and dancer as well as performer of West African music. Please come out and support her taking a trip to Ghana in July to grow her skills as a performer and teacher. Learn more about her art and story at

The cost of the pre sale is $20, door sales will be $25 and up! because this is a fundraiser we ask you to bring cash and consider that you will be experiencing, yoga, music, meditation, and dance, be generous when making your donation, if you are happy paying more than $20 for the ticket bring the extra cash!!!

As always spaces are limited due to space and H&S book now! don't miss out!

See you soon!


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