My name is Kotte, like coffee but with tea. Today, I live and breathe Yoga. But that wasn’t always the case. Originally from Chile, I traveled to New Zealand for a working holiday in 2008 and now proudly call myself a ‘Chiwi’. I attended a yoga class in New Zealand at a time when I felt lost. A friend took me along to Bikram yoga and while hesitant due to my first experience with yoga as a teenager, it was that class which saw the start of something amazing. Within months I was off to Bali to attend yoga teacher training with Power Living Australia and I haven’t looked back.

On my return to New Zealand I founded Yoga by Kotte. My first classes teaching yoga took place in my living room before collaborating with a youth trust where I held classes for the youth and community of Christchurch. Soon after I was travelling to festivals across the South Island holding yoga classes in beautiful serene locations and environments. This atmosphere spurred my creativity and I then held my first Yoga by Kotte event Glowga. Over the past few years I have held a range of unique events inspiring individuals of all walks of life with the mission of encouraging others to give yoga a try. My teaching style is described as fun and alternative with plenty of energy and plenty of laughs. I aim to make yogis comfortable in a friendly environment where they feel safe and in a space where no one is critiqued. My motivation comes from seeing a heavily commercialized view on yoga in the world today and I feel I can change this by providing a new approach to yoga with increased accessibility and innovation in creative environments, suitable for anyone keen to give yoga a go.

While my classes are not traditional, my experience and capabilities as a teacher ensure you are in very good hands. So go on, why not check out my range of classes and give it ago! You won’t be disappointed!

Love Kotte xx


Yoga By Kotte

Yoga By Kotte was founded in 2014. With a great success in her work to decommerialize the yoga industry.

Kotte has worked with multiple organisations, Te Puna Wai, Kilmarnock, Youth Town, Cancer Society, Cathedral Grammar, City Care, Ryman Healthcare, Red Cross, this is to mentioned a few.

Kotte has introduce the practice to organisations within Christchurch, nationally, and globally. With a focus on creating tools for individuals to use on their daily live.

Kotte was the first yoga teacher to win an award in the Exercise Industry Awards. In 2018 she was awarded an scholarship to attended the Accessible Yoga Conference in Canada, and is a New Zealand ambassador.

First yoga class taught at The Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu with over 250 attendees. She has participated a multiple range of festival in the South Island, recently at FESTA festival, second time speaker at Tedx youth 2018, this is to mention a few. Recently taught yoga to more than 1400 delegates from 85 countries at the Social Enterprise World Forum 2018 in Scotland. Her approach is innovative, refreshing, offering yoga to organizations, sectors and industries that never thought yoga, meditation or mindfulness would suit them.

The social enterprise focuses on providing tools to individuals to apply on their daily routines, at an accessible cost and with an non religious approach.

Kotte makes a different due to her fun, light and creative approach to yoga, breaking stereotypes and creating an accessible practice.

Facilitating yoga in work places, conferences, schools, and a whole different range, she bring the audience to a level of awareness and calm, energizing the body and mind to ensure focus during a long conference or work day.