My name is Kotte, like coffee but with tea. Today, I live and breathe Yoga. But that wasn’t always the case. Originally from Chile, I traveled to New Zealand for a working holiday in 2008 and now proudly call myself a ‘Chiwi’. I attended a yoga class in New Zealand at a time when I felt lost. A friend took me along to Bikram yoga and while hesitant due to my first experience with yoga as a teenager, it was that class which saw the start of something amazing. Within months I was off to Bali to attend yoga teacher training with Power Living Australia and I haven’t looked back.

On my return to New Zealand I founded Yoga by Kotte. My first classes teaching yoga took place in my living room before collaborating with a youth trust where I held classes for the youth and community of Christchurch. Soon after I was travelling to festivals across the South Island holding yoga classes in beautiful serene locations and environments. This atmosphere spurred my creativity and I then held my first Yoga by Kotte event Glowga. Over the past few years I have held a range of unique events inspiring individuals of all walks of life with the mission of encouraging others to give yoga a try. My teaching style is described as fun and alternative with plenty of energy and plenty of laughs. I aim to make yogis comfortable in a friendly environment where they feel safe and in a space where no one is critiqued. My motivation comes from seeing a heavily commercialised view on yoga in the world today and I feel I can change this by providing a new approach to yoga with increased accessibility and innovation in creative environments, suitable for anyone keen to give yoga a go.

While my classes are not traditional, my experience and capabilities as a teacher ensure you are in very good hands. So go on, why not check out my range of classes and give it ago! You won’t be disappointed!

Love Kotte xx